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Funeral Costs


Fees and Services

Funeral costs reflect the combination of our clients needs and choices. We provide flexible fee structures across Funeral Services, Customised Ceremonies and Remembrance Services.

Funeral Services

Our funeral service fees cover the full range of minimum professional services including:
  • Funeral planning and management
  • Decision guidance and coordination
  • Transfers from place of death to our mortuary facilities
  • Mortuary services and qualified professional staff
  • Cremation or burial ground selection, arrangements and bookings
  • Death and funeral notice placement
  • Coordination with clergy or celebrant
  • Coordination with 3rd party services, floral studios, chefs, performance artists
  • Ceremony director and attendance at all ceremonies
  • Procession hearse and professional ceremonial staff
  • Administrative services including certificates and registrations

Customised Funeral Services

Our talented ceremonial team has the unique experience of crafting ceremonies that are modern, personalised and memorable.

Our customisation services apply to any location, from the discreet environment of a church or chapel, the intimacy of a burial ground, the unique vista of a private property, or any other location that is meaningful to you and family. Our team work quickly to find the right ceremony location and apply their artistry to create an indivdual and lasting experience.

Remembrance Services

As the first bespoke service provider, we also offer modern remembrance services.
  • These include wakes, celebrations and memorials.
  • Our remembrance services are designed to work with your choice of venue, chef, celebrant and suppliers, or, those we love to source for you and work with.
  • A remembrance service can also be tailored as an intimate environment for a private viewing, private vigil or the delicate service of an infant.
  • These services can be engaged separately, or used as an extension on the same day of our funeral and customised funeral services, helping you create a very personal and tailored experience.
  • Working end-to-end with one professional service provider, throughout the lead up and across the ceremonial day, ensures the unique craft of personalisation resonates through every element and experienced by all.

The cost of cemetery, crematoria, coffins and urns are separate.
  • Cemetery, crematoria fees are published by each organisation and charged accordingly.
  • Our modern coffins and ecological ranges are extensive and well priced, providing new value that can be extended to the ceremony.
  • Other charges are optional, and may include order of service, venue, flowers, audio, visual, published notices, clergy, celebrant and performance artists.