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Funeral Flowers

The Language of Love & Farewell

For many of our customers, flowers reflect their individual expression of love & farewell. 

Character, tribute, love & celebration designed through flowers, is a unique personal language & a rewarding final accompaniment.

Here we share our passion for this ever evolving gentle, natural & handmade art form. We feature our favourite designers, their work practices & studios around this great country & the globe.


Our network of artists, designers & local community florists is extensive & our seasonal experience is vast. We take pride in our personal relations with these talented & dedicated professionals & creating the right expression for you. 

At The House, your farewell through flowers is not a matter of filling out the funeral company's 'flower order form', instead its about the person you love, our collaboration, your personal expression & the right clever decisions. 

So contact us anytime, to create your very personal goodbye in flowers, or simply reach out & get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. Share your ideas, inspirations or tell us about your favourite designers, best local florists or breathtaking moments of a memorable floral farewell.


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To get the best flowers from the growers, we work quickly, helping our customers decide on the right floral direction.

For some customers, flowers are the most important & tangible part of the funeral, for others not.


We’ve even met our customers (bright & early;)

at the flower markets, because they’ve wanted to create their own arrangements for this unique day. 

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Much of the work is prepared in the days beforehand, with final touches being completed by our favourite designers in the early parts of the morning light. 


… & when they’ve said ‘she only ever loved natives’

we’ve stopped along the roadside & filled the car with blooming wattle 


We’ve hand picked

garden jasmine with daughter's from their mother’s home 


… & no one resisted when a funeral service & garden tea was held for our customer’s mother

amongst her phenomenal Hydrangea’s…


We know its the small touches that make the big difference for you, so we’ve made it our task to help you express your 'farewell in flowers' … the way you want … Budget or no budget, we make it right & we make it happen.

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