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Funeral Planning

Creating The Experience You Want


Creating the meaningful story of life into a celebration starts with our very first conversation, where the simplest of things can hold the most meaning. 


This service provides the most essential activities required to conduct a funeral ceremony.

Customers who prefer this service have been focused on minimising service costs because they want us to manage their post-service celebration wake at home or, another special location. While other customers have preferred this service for an intimate farewell amongst family & close friends.

We love this option because of its flexibilty & simplicity. With the addition of our wake or memorial services, you get to host a very special celebration & we get to work with you across the day & ensure that everything you want, happens with certainty & ease.

  • Family Consent & Authorities Meeting
  • Funeral Planning
  • Service Arrangements
  • Hospital, Hospice or Aged Care Services
  • City Morgue or Home Services
  • Transport Services
  • Mortuary Services
  • Ceremony Director & Attendants
  • Guest Services
  • Funeral or Burial Ceremony
  • Cemetery Operations
  • Statutory Certifications
  • Coordination & Collection of Ash Remains or Burial Plaque

The average price of our essential funeral & cremation services is $5,550.00.

Variations to the essential services are possible & can include, outer metropolitan, after hours or regional transport, specialist mortuary preparations, private viewing, third party charges, coffin choice, clergy & honorarium, longer ceremony times, additional ceremony attendants.

Cemeteries & crematoria's are independent organisations.

  • Their fees for cremation, chapel hire, burial & internment are determined annually.
  • Annual prices are published on the website of most cemeteries.
  • We charge these costs accordingly, without additional mark up's.

This service provides the most essential activities required to conduct a direct cremation with no funeral ceremony.

Typically, customers who prefer this service, ask us to perform their family's memorial service either on the same day of cremation, or later.

We respect this type of service because, we know that sometimes the whole thing is either too much, or, not right & this is what you need. Then, once you experience the love, support, respect & joy that comes from the right type of memorial service, any uncertainties, well, they all fall away.

  • Family Consent & Authorities Meeting
  • Cremation Arrangements
  • Hospital, Hospice or Aged Care Services
  • City Morgue or Home Services
  • Transport Services
  • Mortuary Services
  • Cemetery Operations
  • Statutory Certifications
  • Coordination & Collection of Ash Remains

The average price of our essential cremation services is $3,950.00.

Variations to the essential services are possible & can include, outer metropolitan, after hours or regional transport, specialist mortuary preparations, private viewing, coffin choice & third party charges.

Cemeteries & crematoria's are independent organisations.

  • Their fees for cremation, chapel hire, burial & internment are determined annually.
  • Annual prices are published on the website of most cemeteries.
  • We charge these costs accordingly, without additional mark up's.

A life celebration observes the life of someone you love with a focus on celebrating their life rather than mourning it. They are more celebratory in atmosphere as well as positive & uplifting. They can also take place on the anniversary of a death or birthday.

Life celebrations give you & others permission to celebrate the people you love & say yes to honouring the things that filled their life & lifted them up.

Creating an authentic celebration is about our collaboration with you. Some customers want to make a few key decisions, leaving us to manage the rest. Others want to be involved, working on elements that are important to them. For all, the end result is uplifting & more often than not, filled with personal pride & accomplishment.

So, jump-in, or leave the baton in our hands & call us to help you create your very personal way of saying goodbye.

The majority of our funerals are family led, which means your family members & friends lead the ceremony, sharing their fabulous stories & paying tribute to the person you’ve all loved.

Often family services involve a Master of Ceremony who heads up the direction of the speakers and the order of service. Our professional staff guide & assist your family's wonderful M.C. or, we act as your general M.C. throughout the service & across the day.

Having an M.C., family & friends lead the service is a great way of personalising the ceremony, capturing the person's unique character & humour, their special personality & often hilarious anecdotes across their lifetime. It's also a great way to save further on costs, by avoiding additional ceremony charges.

On an occasion when a celebrant might provide an address, we have a fabulous network of independent professional celebrants across the country to work with your family. A funeral celebrant is a compassionate specialist who offers an alternative to the clergy. They are responsible for offering a reflection of the personality & lifestyle of the deceased.

If you’d like to explore our celebrant options, we love to match you with the right style of celebrant for your family & the person you want them to ultimately represent on your behalf.

At The House, we know that generational faith & religion is not in decline. Instead, in our experience, generational affinity remains flourishing!

We might not know precisely as much you or other family members do about your faith, but we respect anyone's rite of passage through religion. In fact, we love to work alongside a family members favourite leader & pay homage to the faith, as much to the person you farewell.

So, we strive to make your religious ceremony glorious & create clever ways to shape this service into a ceremony that is as unique as the person you love & as respectful of the faith they cherish.

The unimaginable mix of complex emotions following the death of a baby leaves many parents wondering how they're going to cope & find ways to alleviate the devastation of this unplanned loss.

Our focus, as for all types of loss, is found in the recognition that your baby remains a lasting part of your life. So our role is to help you have a moment that you can cherish as a very special & intimate goodbye.

While the sheer thought of a ceremony can seem overwhelming, we find many parents like to be involved in the creation process, finding the time we spend together on this rare & precious moment invaluable.

For more information, refer to our section:Stillborn & Infant Death

Viewing the body is essentially a very personal choice, but for many people, viewing the body is a helpful way to come to terms with the death of the person you have loved. It may be a family only viewing or you may include friends. A viewing can last anytime from an hour up to all-day depending on the number of people who will be present.

Traditionally a body is viewed at a funeral home. Alternatively we also specialise in organising a viewing at a special venue, a home or location that is more pertinent to the memory of the person you have loved.

Holding a private viewing is a very unique & intimate way to farewell. For some the last time they see the person & sit by their side, is the funeral ceremony & the only way they wish to say goodbye.

Creating this single moment, in view of the person you love, in a setting that make sense to you, is why people have chosen our very special bespoke viewing services.

We believe funeral costs must be transparent, fair & reasonable, proportionately & reasonably incurred & in amount.

We provide written disclosure of the total funeral costs, including the base for calculating our costs:

  • Transparent itemised costs
  • Itemised activities performed
  • The number of staff, labour rates & hours performed
  • All third party payers
  • Purchased funeral products: coffin or urn
  • Itemised equipment, consumables & vehicle usage

The average price of our essential funeral & cremation services is $5,550.00.

Our service fee is a minimum $2,550.00 capped at 30% of total service costs.

  • Variations to the essential services are possible & can include, outer metropolitan, after hours or regional transport, specialist mortuary preparations, private viewing, coffin choice, clergy & honorarium, longer ceremony times, additional ceremony attendants.
  • Third party charges may include, order of service design & printing, venue hire, flowers, audio, visual, published notices, clergy & honorarium, celebrant, performance artists & catering.

The costs of cemetery, crematoria, urns & coffins are separate.

  • Cemeteries & crematoria’s are independent organisations.
  • Their fees for cremation, chapel hire, burial & internment are determined annually.
  • Annual prices are published on the website of most cemeteries.
  • We charge accordingly, without additional mark up's or variations.
  • Starting from $550.00 our modern coffins & ecological ranges are beautiful, extensive & well priced, providing new ways to save further on costs.
About 2.jpg

At The House we believe life is made better when it's honoured & celebrated.

We look beyond the traditional rules of how & what a funeral should be, in favour of what a funeral can be for you.

Through our modern, affordable choices, we make your special remembrance an unforgettable experience & a lasting segue into the celebrations that follow.


We understand the experience you want when you're surrounded by family & friends, so we've dedicated ourselves to serving the people you love in the moment of saying goodbye. 

Inclusive of all religious denominations, multi-cultural practices & non-religious services, we take care of all the essential funeral services & specialise in truly personalised & unique funeral ceremonies.

Whether it is a simple gathering, or a large affair, we provide the opportunity to say goodbye with funeral services dedicated to the life & character of the person you love.


Because individuality is crafted over a life time, each story unfolds in unique  & different ways. We provide a thoughtful & custom service, set to your pace, tailoring each need into a personal & memorable farewell.


At The House, a customised funeral is about the distinct expression of each person & a natural representation of family lifestyle, more than a list of things that attempt to make a funeral authentic & personalised.

For these ceremonies we collaborate, working out what the experience will be for everyone & how you want people to join you in this final moment of farewell.

We help you create the tribute they deserve & celebrate the real difference they made to those around them.

Creating a bespoke service is also how we bring families, friends & communities together. Its how we lead in the market, excel with our originality & make a fundamental difference in the way you can say goodbye.

The great thing about our customised funerals is the ability to hold a very special ceremony for just one or two people, an intimate family only moment, or fill a room with hundreds.

Our service fee is a minimum $2,550.00 capped at 30% of total service costs.

Customers who’ve chosen our bespoke services, do so because the standard & alternative offerings don't work for them or the person they wish to remember.

Instead, they want something unique, personal & special. In fact, they're determined to have something special & don't want any unrelated creativity, frivolity or waste. They want to know we'll get this right & they want us to make it happen.

This is our signature style of goodbye. It can be created as a funeral or memorial service.

A memory service is an unforgettable expression of a person’s life. We've created many memory services for families, most of which have been held in unique locations that have some form of connection or bond with the person they celebrate.

For this type of service, we highlight the life, relations & character of the person you love in an honourable celebration across their lifespan. More often than not, this involves a combination of image, sound, performance or installation, forming the central features in the service, immersing your guests in a sensory landscape of a person's life & the memories that bind all of you together.

These services are very unique, but goodness (us), they’re as incredible as the people they honour.

Trust us & bring your fabulous images & stories with you, this is worth it!

We specialise in this original style of farewell becuase food & celebration is very important to some of our customers. There are many possibilities when considering a catered service. Whether it’s a wake, party, life celebration, viewing event, a private dinner or lunch for close family & friends, we work closely with you to integrate food into the whole experience.

Our catered funeral services are held in a single venue or location. They include the formal & informal parts of the funeral ceremony & combine the celebration or wake, without the need to host celebrations in your home.

While some clients prefer home based catering services directly following a funeral service, we can help you decide between, home or another location, food style & catering company’s, budgets & staffing, menu selections, beverage preferences or private cellar choices.

If food is a part of your celebration, let's get together, discuss the focus & budget, because we love to help you, by making everything possible!

For more details, also see our Wake Planning section.

A Farewell in Flowers is another one of our original & signature modern funeral ceremony's. We started creating these services as early as 2015 & have since become well known for what customers started asking for as, 'One of your beautiful 'Farewell in Flowers' . . .

This service is about the natural, gentle & handmade art of floral design. As feminine as this all sounds, we've also turned our eye & talents, to the fresh & ecological expression formed by foliage & living plant life.

These unique ceremonies are created for everyone with a passion for the plant, the power of the flower & a message of inseparable love.

We love helping you make this unique, captivating & personal farewell happen. So, if you'd like to explore our ideas further, please call or get in touch. Or, for more details, also see our section: Funeral Flowers.

Garden & outdoor ceremonies are glorious & a very fitting style for a relaxed, intimate & lingering goodbye amongst family & friends. Finding the perfect spot has been easy for many families, as their affinity with a certain type of location is clear, or, we’ve found you may have already given this some thought!

We work with many unique locations & venues across the country. Offering imaginative possibilities for funeral & memorial services with a unique vantage. Through our great network of supportive suppliers, we help your family hold a service in a place that genuinely works for you.

For outdoor & private property ceremonies, we also work with White Umbrella Marquees, who offer elegant covers of exceptional quality & design.

Pick the location that is meaningful & call us, or let's get together & work out the best options & we do all the ground work. Eitherway, if you really want a very unqiue funeral ceremony, let's make this special style of service happen for you!

Working with our clients in remote or regional areas is not as impossible, nor as unusual as it seems. To make this happen, we have the experience of providing our service across the country & the globe.

Some of our favourite services, on private or remote properties, have been held in other regions of NSW & states of Australia.

We know first hand how important a home is & how important the community of a local region can be.

Combine this with a strong desire to have a service in the most meaningful location you know, then we come together & make it all happen.

Repatriation, or the return of someone to their place or country of home, is another significant & unique aspect of our interstate & overseas services. If you're in need of repatriation services, please call us.

We manage the entire process for you & can include any one of our special funeral or memorial services in your beautiful home city, town or home area.

There is an increasing trend when a person is consciously dying, to celebrate & honor their life whilst they are still present. It allows family & friends to pay tribute face-to-face with that person, sharing memories & anecdotes as well as providing comfort to someone who is dying.

We’ve had the fortunate experience of conducting living funerals & know first hand how tender, empowering & uniting this rare occasion can be.

To find out more about this unique service & how we collaborate to bring this moment together, call us or book a meeting.

We believe in the remarkable experience of a home based funeral service & care extensively about professional planning & guidance throughout this period.

Creating a rite of passing, fulfilling the ritual of vigil, or hosting an intimate & heartfelt goodbye, alongside people you love in the comfort of a home, is a fundamental aspect of our company’s unique specialisation.

If you’d like to conduct the funeral service from home, provide your personal care, or continue on with other ceremonies after the home care period, we work to orchestrate all elements across the needs of your family & friends, in the style & manner that’s important to you.

Through our professional network of partners, we provide support & help you care for a family member at home. With expert care & specialist in home ‘cold bed’ equipment, Regulations from The Australian Department of Health allows a family to care for a body, by keeping a cool environment & a cool bed operated between 1-5 degrees celsius, for up to five days in NSW.

Born from the natural death movement, these funerals are about family, community, empowerment & taking things into your own hands: body, mind & soul.

In DIY funerals, we take the back foot & you're in the lead. We provide decision guidance & support, helping you through the process, complying with legislation. Through our network of independent practitioners we can also provide professional in-home care services, allowing you to experience the liberation of doing it all yourself, your way.

Its unique, its wonderful & its our duty to assist! Call us if you’d like to find out more.

For more information on the natural death movement, visit:

For more information on home care, refer to our section: Caring for the Body at Home

Our paper chapel has been a central feature in several of our customers ceremonies.

Designed in collaboration with Benja Harney of Paperform, the chapel is made from the same eco-board used in the manufacture of cardboard coffins. Modular in format, each panel interlocks with another creating commentary on tradition & encouraging dialogue for difference.

Think about it . . . we find a great space, put up the chapel & help you put on a great funeral, or memorial for a great person, inside & around the chapel!

“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it”. Stevie Wonder.

For many of our customers, music has been one of the most important aspects of their lives, so we’ve helped their families make music a fundamental part of their funeral & memorial experience.

Connecting the right music, musicians, soloists, quartets, chamber musicians, even a symphony orchestra!!.. is another one of our passions & specialist custom services.

If you’re a performer, or you want friends, family or other people to perform at the funeral service, we work with you & our technicians to integrate this moving tribute.

To see our curated playlists, compiled especially for a funeral service, go to our section, Funeral Music

We help hand pick the moments that contain a piece of story & then string them together for an engaging visual narrative using your unique & intimate point of view.

Creating a life story into a meaningful narrative & capturing that sense of story is a process that we & many of our customers love. Sorting through images can be one of the best ways to find relief, forming a bond with family members & the farewell process.

For some of our customers, motion or video image & large-format printed images, have been the central feature of their funeral setting. For all our customers, picking the right images, re-touching, scanning, formatting, editing & publishing is important.

We provide a talented in-house team of full-time image specialists who come together quickly & help you create your unique visual narrative.

Specialising in all formats of imagery, printed photo’s, slides, digital motion & video, we provide memorable & creative solutions by incorporating them into your funeral service in imaginative & new ways, providing a beautiful keepsake that gets shared with family members around the globe.

Types of Internment


Choosing between cremation & burial is a personal decision made by the individual or family members. Religious or cultural beliefs may play an important part in this decision as does environmental & cost concerns.

Whilst we encourage natural death practices, we respect your right to choose & liaise with the Crematorium or Cemetery for your specific needs.

Frequently our customers ask about separation during cremation. Public Health Regulation 2012, mandates that ‘...a person must not cremate more than one body in the same crematory retort at any one time. A crematory retort means the receptacle into which a body is placed for cremation’. 2012/311/part8/div5/sec75

Alternative forms of cremation have been developed. The main form of which is Alkaline Hydrolysis [Aka: Green Cremation, Aquamation, Biocremation, Resomation, Liquid or Water Cremation].

This new practice is a greener alternative to traditional cremation. It produces less carbon dioxide & pollutants using water and potassium instead of gas. In Australia, it’s available in Victoria.

To learn more about Green Cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) & other practices, visit:

Ashes are one of the rare elements of life & the sacred remains of the person you have loved.

We are passionate about keeping the remains at home, placed in a beautiful vessel & positioned in close proximity of your every day lives. We also understand this decision is one more step in the process & not always easy to make. In this section we outline contemporary choices.

We offer an extensive collection of products & design wares that are suitable for holding the remains. Each of our products are created by remarkable artists & leading design studios from Australia & the globe. To view our collection refer to our section Funeral Products.

If you don't want to bury or intern cremated remains, or keep the ashes at home, there are restrictions on where you can dispose of ashes by scattering or any other means.

It is important to get permission from the owners of private land or the Trust of Parks & Reserves, or from local council for parks, beaches & playing fields, as scattering of ashes may conflict the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

The NSW Maritime or NSW Department of Environment & Heritage can also be contacted for more information. There are no restrictions on scattering ashes in the ocean at least 3 nautical miles from our coastlines.

Although this age old ritual is in decline, a ground burial can be a profoundly beautiful & unique way to say goodbye.

With the rise of green burials & natural burial grounds, we help our customers choose the right burial location for the body of the deceased & create memorable graveside or green burial services.

Today there are a few contemporary Green Burial choices.

Refer to our sections, Natural Burial/Grounds, Upright Burials, or Private Property or Sea Burials.

NSW, Sydney

Sydney Natural Burial Park at Kemps Creek.

This cemetery is owned & operated by the Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria. They provide 30 year renewable rights of burial. The body must be prepared without chemical intervention & burials occur in biodegradable coffins. The location of a site is mapped using GPS technology. There is a central sandstone that records the names of those interred.

NSW, Lismore

The Bushland Cemetery is located in Lismore Memorial Gardens. Coffins made of organic material, or burial in shrouds of biodegradable materials are permissible.

ACT, Canberra

Gungahlin Cemetery is a natural burial ground in a bush setting with brittle gum & yellow box trees,

VIC, Melbourne

Lilydale Memorial Park and Healesville Cemetery are natural burial grounds operated by The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust,

QLD, Gold Coast

Alberton Cemetery on the Gold Coast has a natural burial area,

SA, Adelaide

Wirra Wonga burial area at Enfield Memorial Park is a natural burial ground,

WA, Perth

The Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park within the Freemantle Cemetery offers natural burials among the native setting,

TAS, Kingston

Kingston Cemetery, has a bushland burial site, south of Hobart,

VIC, Corangamite Shire

Kurweeton Road Cemetery is located in the Victorian country side north-west of Warnambool. This unique cemetery is dedicated to upright burials. Located on an expanse of pastoral land, their burial sites are without headstones or grave markers. You receive an exact site location of the grave & the details of the deceased are listed on a communal plaque at the cemetery entrance.

Although this cemetery is located in country Victoria, we can arrange to have the deceased transported from Sydney. Here’s a link to more information about the burial process, We encourage serious consideration of this unique & ecological option.

Eco burials are popular, but the options few. Here are another two great options.

The BiosUrn

This is the world’s first biodegradable cinerary urn, designed to transform death into life by growing trees instead of creating cemeteries.

Human ashes can be very acidic making it tough for some plants to flourish. The BiosUrn however, holds the seed of a tree in the top half, where it can germinate before the roots grow through the section containing the ashes & added nutrients.

Returning the ashes & energy of the person you love into a living memorial, is a loving & natural way to complete the full cycle of life.

Plant in multiples, with companion planting & you can create your very own living memory forest. A true sanctuary for you & family.

To read more about the BiosUrn, or buy one, go to our section, Funeral Products.

Living Legacy Forest

This company has a superb eco footprint. Their technology extracts the beneficial minerals of cremated remains & transforms them into micronutrients that get infused into the tree of your choice.

You can also have a family tree, with up to 4 internments & for every internment, this company also plants an additional 200 forest footprint trees! Through their mobile app, you can connect to your tree's location & store your digital legacy all in one place.

Trees are either planted locally across the East Coast of Australia, or, 18 cemeteries across Melbourne offer this unique option. Take a look at their website & discover how their technology works for you in 'Going Green'!:

When innovation really works, its a wonderful thing! The Infinity Burial Suit is a handcrafted garment that is worn by the deceased. The brainchild of Jae Rhim Lee, the suit is completely biodegradable and was co-created with zero waste fashion designer Daniel Silverstein.

The Infinity Burial Suit has a built in bio-mix, made up of of mushrooms and other microorganisms that together do three things; aid in decomposition, work to neutralise toxins found in the body and transfer nutrients to plant life.

The end result of being buried in the Infinity Burial Suit, or any of Coeio’s products, is that bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster new life.

Here’s a link to more information about this original & leading product. Explore this site, there's a lot of great things going on!:

Not quite the tradtional Tibetan ritual, Ashes to Ashes is a unique business, specialising in the scattering of cremated ashes by way of a beautiful & spectacular fireworks display.

This is a memorial ceremony celebrating special lives, ensuring a unique & memorable experience. Each event & it’s fireworks display are especially created by a sensitive team of professionals engaged to honour each individual.

Get in touch & explore this unique celebration with us, or find out more about this dazzling option:

A very precious life made into a stunning gemstone, or multiple stones, which you get to keep close, holding them forever in your memory.

Leading Swiss manufacturer Lonite, Swiss French, which translates to 'enjoy a long life' creates perfect diamonds & gemstones from cremated ashes or hair. They also have an office here in Australia, providing an extra layer of comfort & ease when it comes to ordering this unique & precious product.

Their history is steep, their technology world leading, their design & quality is perfect in every way. These diamonds are the real deal & not substitutes such as, moissanites or zircons. We love their emerald cuts!

Here’s a link to more information about this unique company & its beautiful products:

Strict regulations control burial in a vault. The Public Health Regulation 2012, mandates that; A person must not place a body in a vault unless:

  • the body has been embalmed & hermetically enclosed with material approved by the Secretary & there is no viewing panel in the enclosure, and
  • the body & enclosure are placed in a coffin & the lid secured in position

For further details on embalming, refer to our section Embalming

Private property burials are a valid tribute to a person's connection with their land & property. While this admirable acclaim is desirable, it may not permissible & approval is required by governing councils.

Strict regulations control burial on private property, NSW Health guidelines set out the conditions on which approvals may be granted,

The Public Health Regulation 2012, mandates burials in certain areas prohibited:

  • A person must not place a body in any grave or vault unless that grave or vault is located:
    • in a public cemetery, or
    • in a private cemetery or other place approved for that purpose by a local government authority, or
    • on private land, where the area of landholding is 5 hectares or more & the location has been approved for that purpose by a local government authority, or
    • on land reserved under the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974 or acquired under Part 11 of that Act, where the location has been approved for that purpose by:
    • a person or body (including a local council, trust board or board of management within the meaning of that Act) in which the care, control & management of the land is vested, or
    • if no such person or body has been vested with the care, control & management of the land— the Secretary of the Department of Premier & Cabinet.
  • A person must not bury a body in or on any land if to do so would make likely the contamination of a drinking water supply or a domestic water supply.

To view this information & learn more, 2012/311/part8/div3/sec66

A sea burial is a unique experience particularly suited for someone with a close affinity to the ocean. The ecological impact is also unique as the bones decalcify over time, eventually returning something to the oceans. To bury at sea a number of parameters exist & a permit is required. The permit approval process usually takes 3-4 working days. Burials cannot proceed without a permit.

Under section 19 of the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 (Cth), the Minister may grant or refuse to grant a permit, dumping/burial-sea.

Typically burials at sea are organised by us, the funeral home, so that the body is prepared in accordance with the Ship Captain’s Medical Guide.

After a burial at sea, a full report is sent to the department. A more common & cheaper alternative to burial at sea is cremating the body & scattering the ashes into the ocean. For more details, refer to our section, Ashes.


Personal, affordable & always modern, we create a thoughtful funeral for the person you love, in a way that feels right to you. 


When the Matriarch is Epic!

Her Life Thread Binds Around Her Family

If there’s a protector, a grower, a tenderer, a lover, a nurturer & friend you’ll find her in your mother. x To this beautiful family, Wow, Mumma, WOW!

Here, amongst an incredible heritage setting, across a spring day, the joy a wife & mother poured into her family, was celebrated & honoured, forming the very indelible moment of passing the baton over... it’s up to you now kids!


We love helping you explore what's important. We simply say, don't hold back, tell us what they'd really want, because we make it happen.

Bright Flowers.jpeg

A concert pianist and the compositions of Claude Debussy, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sergei Rachmaninoff & Winifred Atwell filled the room for a touching celebration of the person who was nothing short of being the pure heartbeat amongst her loving family. x 

Piano Wide IMG_4260.jpg

A Family's Farewell

Amidst a Classical Celebration

When four siblings and their partners arrive for our first conversation, we know we're about to work with some exceptional people. When they asked for a Grand Piano! we knew we were about to create a modern celebratation, filling the hearts of everyone with the absolute essence of the person they love so deeply. x


Unexpected Plans

Gathered in Friends Arms

Rare is the young woman who finds herself needing to plan her own funeral. Touched were we by the deep richness of her friends, their kindness & honour at her passing.

This was a day sort after by one person who knew what she didn’t want & was brave enough to collaborate with us on planning what was possible, making her final moment, one of sharing her love & gratitude amongst those to whom she said, goodbye. x

JM2 IMG_5622.jpg
JM3 IMG_5620.jpg

When Mum Wanted Simple

We Co-Created Natural Elegance

It's not uncommon to talk about the creation of a ‘simple’ funeral & it doesn’t take long before we begin to unlock its true meaning for each family. Along this journey we soon discover a whole new language for how & what defines your version. For this family of four siblings, simple was best expressed through the character of their ‘natural woman’ - effortless, graceful, honest, strong, capable, unpretentious, unconditional and above all, not plain, not ordinary. Modern refined style & a natural expression to celebrate her & the family she created, shaped & led … simply, just her. x


A Lasting Light for a Son's Mother

When a Customer Reaches Deep into Our Heart

Traditions can be tricky to navigate. On one hand they denote occasion & significance, on the other, they can be shaped, modernised & made unique by the person who champions them. This year on Christmas day, a wonderful son lost his equally exceptional mother on her favourite day of the year. x We soon discovered a man shaped by her joyful character, so much so, that buying her a single rose, just to see her smile, became a tradition on their regular shopping trips to David Jones. Behind the scenes of her harbourside farewell, unbeknown to all, we left the light on in her tribute & honour. The ceremonial use of light is a longstanding farewell tradition that we love to make unique.

Last Light 3 IMG_4186.jpg

The Role of the Executor

When Friends Make all the Difference

Recently we've worked with a number of 'unsung hero's' in the funeral planning process, the Exeuctor of a Last Will & Testatment. These people work with us tirelessly, collaborating across every detail to make the right indivdual decisions. In our experience, great decisions create exceptional farewells. For one man, his partner, family & friends, we co-curated this stunning coastal headlands service with his Executor & Celebrant Janne Sverdloff. So tender, so loving & so intimate was this ceremony, it simply caught us all by suprise & swept everyone away in the understanding of the reasons why we are all here, to be with one another. Thank you gentlemen. x

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The Passage of Time

Carried by the Love of Family

When family is the frontier of existence, it’s no surprise generations join forces. In this family, everyone gathered to create an honourable farewell filled with grace, tenderness & exception for the person who loved each of them so beautifully & so individually. To create a funeral respectful of her unique character, culture, religion & individual honour, we collaborated closely with her Nephew’s, Daughter’s, Son’s, Grandchildren & the Melkite Father’s, to ensure this day, marked her passage memorable & uniquely that of her own. x

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A Bond that Cannot be Broken

Seven Siblings, thier Mother & One Man

Life unfolds in many dimensions. In the early decades the patriarch often takes his charge, then the children rise to the top, each carving their independence, shaped by their own fortitudes. When time turns, it brings you back, pulling you to re-group, reflect, step into those shoes & take-on the parental charge. Listening, supporting, contributing & agreeing with each other can be challenging for many families. Despite the rigour, despite the heartache & challenges, there’s an undeniable bond & it's our role to hold securely onto this bond, helping you find your common ground & share your individual stories of the person you know & love. x

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Our talented teams work seamlessly to create every aspect of your family's farewell. This funeral came together for this family, their interstate & international guests in just 3 days!  We believe everything is possible when it comes to this day & collaborate to combine our unique sense of detail with your family's individual character & style. The result is  a very personal funeral that is modern, relaxed, simple & reflective of the person you love. x

Our talented teams work seamlessly to create every aspect of your family's farewell. This funeral came together for this family, their interstate & international guests in just 3 days!  We believe everything is possible when it comes to this day & collaborate to combine our unique sense of detail with your family's individual character & style. The result is  a very personal funeral that is modern, relaxed, simple & reflective of the person you love. x


A Cherished Cascade

Love From Every Direction

In visual arts composition is the arrangement of visual elements in a work of art. When Doctor Cooper sets her soul to it, a departed love is the distinct arrangement of the heart. Breathtakingly lyrical with love, a casket cover for our customer's mother, like no other. x


Amongst the Crepe Myrtle

A Final Home Was Found

Spending time with a daughter across a 6 month period before her mother died, meant our connection & understanding of her mother's style flourished. Not only did we wander the grounds of the cemetery to help find the right grave, we also spent time hand crafting her wishes for a very special graveside ceremony & intimate wake at the family home. x


Nurtured Talent

Celebrating the Gifts of Life

In our true D.I.Y. style, we took the backfoot for this talented family as they stepped U.P. on the sudden loss of their cherished husband & father. So exceptional was his love for his artist wife & two talented sons there was hardly a moment when we didn't see them engaging wholeheartedly in the creation of his remembrance: handmaking his coffin, designing his ceremony, rehearsing their classical string performance of Beethoven's Spring Sonata & co-arranging catering for 220 of their closest. Every detail reflected the man they loved & the life they lived in togetherness. You shine bright in the world joyous people, thank you. x


Working for our families in regional & interstate areas is not as unusual, nor as difficult as you think.

Through our great network of nationwide professional partners, we help you create a truly authentic funeral ceremony in the most meaningful & loving place you know, home. x

Inspired by people & their lives, we focus on modern, timeless moments of goodbye, designed to remember the people you love in years to come.


Portraits of Grief

Watch & listen as Karl shares his point of view on the funeral for his elder brother, what it meant to him & the role of a funeral as a meaningful homage.


Nothing Will Be Ordinary

Creating Everything Your Way

When a wife says she doesn’t want an ordinary arrangement for her husband’s coffin, we listen & spend time working with her on the right selection of foliage & an intricate mix of seasonal buds. Every item has a meaning, for she is the one, after all, who stands before him to say her final farewell. x

As Twilight Sets

Love is Illuminated on The Threshold of Home

Creating floral pieces that we transport between the days settings, means the powerful expression of your love, told through the story of flowers, is extended.

Here, beautiful cascades (& some clever collaboration) from the pulpit of the Catholic Church were installed throughout the family home, creating an entrance of remembrance for guest arrival. x


When 400 Want to Say Goodbye

Dance & Sing Your Way Through It

When communities join, we experience first hand how much they matter and the powerful impact they have on the people they support.

Earlier this year 400 people came together, unified by their message of love through ballet performance, speech, duet & solo song. x


Portraits of Grief

Monica explains why she wanted a special funeral service for her mother & why that was important to her & her family.


Our essential & custom funeral services include every detail that you'd want & expect from personalised design & service, making your funeral experience with The House one of relaxed certainty & ease.


Portraits of Grief

Attending a funeral, even at 21, is an important life experience. Listen to Carmen’s story of her grandmother’s funeral, what that meant to her & how the stories shared by close friends shaped her understanding of her grandmother’s life growing up.

Inspired Imagination

Reflection through Image

Being invited into a home, we have the opportunity to meet the most incredible people who are always willing to support & be involved.

Here we worked with some very talented & cherished friends to create an illuminated tribute for an unforgettable young man who meant so much to so many. x

Our garden funerals are captivating & stunning. We love helping you create the right funeral setting for a remarkable ceremony that considers everyone who attends.

Our outdoor & garden funerals are just one part of our original & leading signature funeral services. We are well known for creating this exceptional moment with ease & simplicity, giving you permission to express your goodbye as a tender & breathtaking moment of individual farewell. 


The Gentle Grace of Time

Nurturing the Perfect Bloom

Our floral designers hand pick the perfect buds & consider time as an important part of the process. Here, our designer Courtney Grace cultivates the perfect stage of bloom. The slightest hints of pink start to appear in her hands, as she nurtures the buds over the days in the lead up to the funeral ceremony. x

Final Touches in 1st Morning Light

Time Slows Down On This Day

The work of our floral designers is always crafted over a number of days.

A work in progress for a double casacde of rose entwined with flowering jasmine. Its in the early morning light & only then, our designer Courtney begins to form the final shape, once the blooms have reached their perfect pitch & expression. x


Designing & creating bespoke service cards, is another part of our modern signature style. Here we created handmade wax sealed cards for a daughter's mother at her intimate funeral ceremony for 25 people.

When Love is the Strongest Expression

The Symbols of Love are the Most Powerful

The farewell cards for an Artists mother were filled with the images that defined her joyous character & the depths of her love.

In the days beforehand, we add our final touches to each guests bespoke cards, handmade as a remembrance keepsake for cherished relatives & friends. x


We provide a talented in-house team of full-time image specialists who come together & help shape your unique visual narrative.

In the natural process of crafting an indivdual funeral, we create a unique range of collectable archives that tell the magic story of life together across time … helping you hand select these images is a never ending source of joy. x