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Memorial Planning

Celebrating Life A Moment Later 


Creating a memorial that is reflective of a person's character, simple & relaxed is a fundamental aspect of our company’s unique memorial services & our signature modern style. 


We know your goodbye is about them, so we help you with the what, where, when & 'how' , leaving you time to focus on the why . . .


Unexplainable joys come from celebrating life & sharing memories amongst the people you love, set in a perfect location, united by a great send-off & a supportive farewell. 

A memorial is a special way to say goodbye. Its a unique moment in time,  a singular gathering for family, friends, work colleagues & the wider community to get together, pay their respects & show their support.


Many of our customers prefer to hold an intimate family funeral, or ask us to conduct a direct cremation without a funeral service & we hold their memorial service on the same day, or nearby date.

Whether it is your own memorial service you are planning, or the service of someone you love, our focus is on creating unique memorial experiences & other contemporary ways to say goodbye.


We know that some of you want something simple & some not!!... explore the many different ways we help you say goodbye.

Our task is to help you shape the life of someone you love into a modern ceremony of memorial.

Encouraging choice, we offer the opportunity to do all the ground work, giving you the space to honour, celebrate & farewell when the time & place is right.

When someone dies, we are left with the tangible & intangible experience of memory. This leaves many people wanting to get together, pay their respects, share memories & celebrate that person's life.

We help you work out what the right type of celebration would be & understand what they would have wanted, by exploring the best, most related options. In one aspect a memorial service confirms the existence & uniqueness of one individual who despite their death, will remain with us throughout our lives. On another, a memorial celebrates this uniqueness in the only way that's possible for them.

We believe relatable authenticity is paramount, character & simplicity key. You know the setting is right when you step inside & immediately you're transported into a feeling of, this is the right place for them. A kind of wonderful memory, that they're still close by, with everyone who was close to them, all around you. For a memorable memorial, we love the personal warmth & feeling of celebration found in just such a setting.

So, let's get together, talk about the person you love, their life, & help you make their wonderful life tribute happen with certainty & ease.

This is our signature style of goodbye. It can be created as a funeral or memorial service.

A memory service is an unforgettable expression of a person’s life. We've created many memory services for families, most of which have been held in unique locations that have some form of connection or bond with the person they celebrate.

For this type of service, we highlight the life, relations & character of the person you love in an honourable celebration across their lifespan. More often than not, this involves a combination of image, sound, performance or installation, forming the central features in the service, immersing your guests in a sensory landscape of a person's life & the memories that bind you together.

These services are very unique, but goodness (us), they’re as incredible as the people they honour.

Trust us & bring your fabulous images & stories with you, this is worth it!

We specialise in this original style of farewell becuase food & celebration is very important to some of our customers. There are many possibilities when considering a catered service. Whether it’s a wake, party, life celebration, picnic, a private dinner or lunch for close family & friends, we work closely with you to integrate food into the whole experience.

Our catered memorial services are held in a single venue or location. They include the formal & informal parts of the memorial ceremony & combine the celebration or wake, without the need to host celebrations in your home.

While some clients prefer home based catering services, we can help you decide between, home or another location, budgets & staffing, food style & catering company’s, private chef's, menu's & selections, beverages & preferences, even private cellar choices! If food is a part of your celebration, let's get together, discuss the focus & budget, because we love to help you, by making everything possible!

For more details, also see our Wake Planning section.

We work efficiently to find the right location for you, your family & friends.

When it comes to a memorial, the choices are limitless. With an extensive number of unique venues around the country, offering imaginative possibilities, we get in & tackle this great task, making it easy for you to have the right location of celebration & remembrance.

For outdoor & private property ceremonies, we also work with White Umbrella Marquees, who offer elegant covers of exceptional quality & design.

Our paper chapel has been a central feature in several of our customers ceremonies.

Designed in collaboration with Benja Harney of Paperform, the chapel is made from the same eco-board used in the manufacture of cardboard coffins. Modular in format, each panel interlocks with another creating commentary on tradition & encouraging dialogue for difference.

Think about it . . . we find a great space, put up the chapel & help you put on a great funeral, or memorial for a great person, inside & around the chapel!

We help hand pick the moments that contain a piece of story & then string them together for an engaging visual narrative using your unique & intimate point of view.

Creating a life story into a meaningful narrative & capturing that sense of story is a process that we & many of our customers love. Sorting through images can be one of the best ways to find relief, forming a bond with family members & the farewell process.

For some of our customers, motion or video image & large-format printed images, have been the central feature of their memorial setting. For all our customers, picking the right images, re-touching, scanning, formatting, editing & publishing is important.

We provide a talented in-house team of full-time image specialists who come together quickly & help you create your unique visual narrative.

Specialising in all formats of imagery, printed photo’s, slides, digital motion & video, we provide memorable & creative solutions by incorporating them into your memorial service in imaginative & new ways, providing a beautiful keepsake that gets shared with family members around the globe.

“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it”. Stevie Wonder.

For many of our customers, music has been one of the most important aspects of their lives, so we’ve helped their families make music a fundamental part of their funeral & memorial experience.

Connecting the right music, musicians, soloists, quartets, chamber musicians, even a symphony orchestra!!.. is another one of our passions & custom services.

If you’re a performer, or you want friends, family or other people to perform at the memorial service, we work with you & our technicians to integrate this moving tribute.

To see our curated playlists, go to our section, Funeral Music

The majority of our memorials are family led, which means your family members & friends lead the ceremony, sharing their fabulous stories & paying tribute to the person you've all loved.

Often family services involve a Master of Ceremony who heads up the direction of the speakers and the order of service. Our professional staff guide & assist your family's wonderful M.C. or, we act as your general M.C. throughout the service & across the day. Having an M.C., family & friends lead the memorial is a great way of personalising the ceremony, capturing the person's unique character & humour, their special personality & often hilarious life anecdotes throughout the service. It's also a great way to save further on costs, by avoiding additional ceremony charges.

On an occasion when a celebrant might provide an address, we have a fabulous network of independent professional celebrants across the country to work with your family. A funeral celebrant is a compassionate specialist who offers an alternative to the clergy. They are responsible for offering a reflection of the personality & lifestyle of the deceased.

If you’d like to explore our celebrant options, we love to match you with the right style of celebrant for your family & the person you want them to ultimately represent on your behalf.


Serenity can be found in meaningful locations, your tribute & praise can be said amongst a unique & personal setting. We specialise in creating their goodbye in unique & personal ways.


You’ll find our network of locations, settings, suppliers & venues easy to choose from, making your memorial service with The House, an appropriate tribute, a true celebration & a lasting memory. 


We know first-hand just how much food can be a personal expression of love, & how much it brings people together at a time of remembrance & celebration. 


A View to Capture the Heart

Moments Poised in Silent Reflection

Working with two admirable siblings across their shared desire to say farewell to their dignified & loving father, we found the right location, created an intimate setting & delivered a service that was a loving tribute & an honourable celebration. x

We first met at Bill’s Darlinghurst & shared the daughter’s journey across the pending last weeks of their life together. From that moment forward, together we captured their father’s character, shaped the memories of his life & crafted a service for 70 to remember him by. x


So, we’ve spent time creating unique ways to help your family get together on this day, by integrating food into the whole experience & catering for each other without breaking the bank account!


Love's Force

Makes This Day Shine

7am cast her strength on a day when it was needed the most. Six days prior, joined by two best friends & husband, we shaped their love of the person they'd lost, her character, her passion & undeniable style. So collaborative was our work, that her way of loving & her way of sharing became our collective expression. Without a doubt, this was a day marked by her love. x


Something for Everyone

A room filled with life’s images

Integrated large format printing is a signature element of our company's ‘Memory Service’.

Everyone we meet has incredible images & we love nothing more than spending time to help select the images which tell the best story. Then we give you time with family & friends while we get on with the job & make this moving tribute happen. Guests always love taking the images home for keeps. x


Taking a Leaf Out Her Book

Passion Informing Life

The book a wife had written became a sculptural installation in the ceremony setting & a personal keepsake for guests to take home. x

A Life in Creative Pursuit

Passion Informing Life

When a devoted husband said farewell to his talented wife, her favourite Hitchcock film played in a gallery space filled with her art & the photo’s of their lifetime together since their teens in Amsterdam. When we came together friends rallied to help us form her farewell into an artful passage of time. x

The House_by_Luisa Brimble-108 copy.jpg

We work quickly & simply to help you identify the best way to express your personal memorial & then we do the rest, making your day of memorial a relaxing & lasting celebration. 


Love Amongst the Ruins

Setting a Place for the Right Farewell

Enchantment, inspired by her husbands favourite read, Lord of The Rings, an arch was suspended for a young wife above her soul-man as hundreds gathered to say goodbye. x











When you're touched by the life of someone & the difference they've made in yours is remarkable, their tribute & celebration is something to be shared.

People want to get together & celebrate the lives of those they love. Even if there's a few old cracks along the journey together, shared love is also about reunion & renewal. Your goodbye's count to many, in many different ways. x


Drawing on Love

Contemplative & Memorable

Two wonderful daughters & two great husbands, one her own, the other her daughters, came together to hand craft a ceremony. Inspired by their mother’s art school days & reflecting her colourful character, the daughter’s asked us to create a line drawing from a self portrait created in the 70’s. x

Hand Crafting the Details

Creating Everything Your Way

Entwined between the Ivy, Alice’s Lace, Wild Jasmine & Blooms of Rose is a story of a husband & his wife, created by their eighteen & a half years of life, devotion & love for each other. x

Every Family Member has a Place

Unconditional Love

Even the family pooch misses their mate once they’re gone. So why should they miss out on being part of the memorial too.

We push mountains for this important ‘other’ family member to be part of your farewell. x