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Memory Services


Memory Services

When someone dies, we are left with the tangible and intangible experience of memory. The ritual of saying goodbye is the gathering of those memories to make a lasting order for those left behind and to confirm the existence and uniqueness of an individual who will remain with us throughout our lives.

As narrators, we service memory artistically through curated reflection, music, light, sound, performance, food, and rituals held within our exclusive venues. Whether it is a large affair, or a simple gathering of friends and family, The House provides the opportunity to say goodbye in a compelling, cultural and modern manner.


Funeral and Memorial Services

The House focus is on design led, curated funerals, memorial services and other contemporary ways to say goodbye. Whether it is your own funeral or memorial service you are planning, or the service of someone you love, we listen to your life stories, history, unique experiences and your wishes.


This time honored ritual has been around as long as civilization. Every culture throughout history has memorialised their dead. A funeral remains the most popular way to honor someone’s life. This ‘last rite’ holds the space for the body to be present and is generally performed within a couple of weeks following the death.

Memorial Services

A memorial service is held any time after the burial or cremation and offers more options than a funeral in the planning process, as time is not a limitation. It may be a preferred option to have a small intimate funeral and plan for a memorial service to include friends, work colleagues and the wider community at a later date.


Other Memory Services

Memorialisation provides a space for people to grieve, celebrate and connect with the person who has died providing a precious memory or legacy for those who are still living. Encouraging choice, we offer other ways to farewell someone you love.

End of Life Celebration

A life celebration observes the life of the deceased with a focus on celebrating their life rather than mourning it. They tend to be more festive in atmosphere as well as positive and uplifting. They can also take place, for someone loved, on the anniversary of a death or birthday.

Living Funeral

There is an increasing trend when a person is consciously dying, to celebrate and honor their life whilst they are still present. It allows family and friends to pay tribute face-to-face with that person, sharing memories and anecdotes as well as providing comfort to someone who is dying.

Funeral Wake

Traditionally a wake was a social gathering held prior to a funeral to keep watch or vigil over the dead. Today, modern wakes most often take place after a funeral service. Family and friends gather together in an informal manner to celebrate the life of the deceased in conjunction with a catered event.

Memory Exhibition

The House encourages the notion that memory and memorabilia can be curated into an exhibition. This offers friends and family the opportunity to reflect on the life of an individual. Exhibitions can take place in conjunction with, or post funeral or memorial service, or can sit independently from it.


Integral to our core offering is the service of a curator. Drawing on specific memories of family and friends as well as memorabilia, we consider creative concepts pertinent to the life of the deceased and implement these to capture the essence of the person being remembered.


The House works with a number of unique venues that offer imaginative possibilities for memory services. We also work with White Umbrella Marquees for any outdoor venue. The House is happy to work within the traditional funeral venue framework bringing new possibilities to the space.

Celebrant Services

A funeral celebrant is a trained specialist who offers an alternative to the clergy. They are responsible for offering a reflection of the personality and lifestyle of the deceased. The House has a core selection of celebrants collaborating with you to narrate the story of someone you love.

Funeral Catering

There are many possibilities when considering a catered service. Whether it’s a wake, party, life celebration, viewing event, a private dinner or lunch for close family and/or friends or a catered funeral or memorial service, we work closely with you to integrate food into the whole experience.

Funeral Flowers and other Floral Expressions

Flowers are an integral part of the life and death process enhancing the space in which we farewell someone we love. They are a visual expression of love and reflection. We work with a highly esteemed floral artist to create personal and artistic floral manifestations throughout a memory service.