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Other Services


Other Services

The House unites meaning between the living and the dead, by honoring the values, beliefs and culture of our clients. Our funeral services offer a real alternative, capturing an intensely intimate experience with services that facilitate peoples own interpretation of death and a life lived. We transform the theatre of life and death and the accompanying last and final rites of death, in sync with modern contemporary society.

We understand the deeply personal nature of losing someone you love and offer a sanctuary where understanding and compassion are an intrinsic part of our services. No detail is too small and no request is out of reach. We believe the possibilities are infinite.


Other Funeral Arrangements

The House offers all traditional funeral arrangements with our memory service offerings. We are happy to work with you on all aspects of the funeral or in conjunction with your funeral director.

Death Care

We encourage natural death care but also offer cosmetic care and embalming should this be desired or needed. Through our experienced professionals, we also support your decision to care for a family member at home. In NSW, a body can be kept at home for up to five days.


Following a death, a number of administrative issues must be dealt with. The House will ensure all certificate requirements have been met, register the death, help you to choose a coffin or casket, liase with a crematorium or burial ground if needed and organise a funeral notice to be placed for you.

Viewing the Body

Viewing the body is essentially a very personal choice but for many people, it is a helpful way to come to terms with the death of someone they love. A viewing can include just family or family and friends, can last anytime from an hour up to all day and may be held in a site-specific venue.

Burial Products

We work with a number of designers to create unique burial products including urns for ashes and coffins. We also offer more traditional products, however all our products are assessed for their environmental impact and are offered with this in mind.

Funeral Concierge Services

Death can be both unexpected or expected. Either way, despite all the planning you may have done, it is sometimes difficult to function. At The House we offer a concierge service to help you during this time and make things easier. Please contact us for a list of our concierge services.

End of Life Financial Planning

There are various options to plan ahead and pay for a funeral including funeral insurance, pre-paid funerals or funeral bonds. We are happy to provide you with information on all these three options so you are able to make an informed choice.

Bereavement and Grief

Losing someone you love or care for deeply can be very painful. Whilst grief is natural following loss, it is something we are often unprepared for. The House offers an information package on grief as well as access to a network of excellent grief and bereavement counselors and support networks.