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An Exploration of Life

People, Home & Great Memories

'We tell ourselves stories in order to live' - Joan Didion. 

Stories inform us of where we come from & where we are going. They are the lens through which we interpret the world around us as well as make sense of who we are.

So much of cultural expression encompasses the yearning to understand our individual story & the story of ‘us’.

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Film, art, music, the written word and formal practitioners bring us face to face with recognition, yearning, exploration & an understanding of the human condition. 

Whether it is through film, interviews, art or other inspirations, we bring to you a range of different mediums offering a glimpse into our journey, your stories & what inspires us here at The House.


Cy Twombly

TateShots, courtesy of Tate Britain Media.

John Squire of The Stone Roses is both a musician and an artist. 

In this TateShots, he gets up close to Cy Twombly's epic canvases ‘Quattro Stagioni' (The Four Seasons) to explain why the American painter is one of his all-time heroes.

Cy Twombly

TateShots, courtesy of Tate Britain Media.

Tate's Director Nicholas Serota gives us a behind the scenes tour of the 2008 Cy Twombly exhibition at Tate Modern. Explaining Twombly’s process of making marks upon marks until an image is formed, explores the relationship we have with self-expression and creation. Celebrated by painters and scorned by critics, Twombly's power is set firmly by his own hand. 

Agnes Martin

TateShots, courtesy of Tate Britain Media.

Tate curator Frances Morris and Pace founder Arne Glimcher share rare glimpse into Martin’s approach to her work and the inner conversation in response to music, art, emotion, recollection, inspiration and expression.

Interviews & News

In Conversation with Victoria Spence

Life Rites specialist and celebrant, Victoria Spence discusses making choices outside the ordinary realm.

Space and Memory

Renowned Australian architect, Brian Zulaikha considers the power of memorial spaces as places of reflection. 

Thomas Lynch

Thomas Lynch, poet, essayist and undertaker, considers the subject of his own funeral in his lyrical essay 'Tract'.


Social - Life & memories are formed at home, in & around your house.