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Wake Planning

Time to Celebrate & Share


We've made private restaurant bookings for family & friends, set up beachside BBQ's, laid out countless sandwiches, toughed it out with publicans & scoured the countryside for the perfect farewell & remembrance setting . . .

Nothing is too difficult when it comes to the right farewell, so, lets just get together & make great decisions, then we do the rest! 



In every family there's a great cook, or master BBQ'er . . . in some, there's a formidable foodie & in others, those that came before, hold all the power! 

We know that family heritage & food go hand-in-hand. 

So, we don't rest until you do on this day. When every guest has been attended to & we catch your glimpse of appreciation across the room, we know at that point, the great task of goodbye, is almost done!  



More than anything, we love your family's food culture . . . your favourite recipes & experiencing your guests delight, when they find out their tasty treat was a family favourite !

5. Private Cellar Additional Image.jpeg

When it comes to a ‘good innings’ we also know life gets celebrated.

We’ve helped our guests select home cellar finest & we’ve picked through the wine lists of our local Aussie bests & when a husband only drank craft beer !! (& you know who you lot are)… we made sure it was on tap, alongside our country’s die-hard kegs!  



. . . & nobody flinched when his best mates snuck in his favourite whiskey & lined up 23 shot glasses in honour & tribute. . . !


Simple, fresh selections always go a long way & even further by keeping the purse strings tight . . . so, we’ve made it our job to work out your cost effective catering solutions, scoured our cities & local areas for some of the best fresh sources of catering on this momentous day.


Share your celebration recipes & inspirations, or tell us a humorous wake story & we might just publish …!

Share Your Recipes & Stories

A Natural Decision

There's No Place Like Home

When your regular place of get together makes the most sense for your family & friends as the place to celebrate, we make sure your favorite people, celebration drinks, canapés, playlists, video feed & children are looked after, catered for & ready on arrival! This is the one moment you want to last & don't want to be doing anthing other than, sharing love & memories. x


A Spring Celebration Wake

Guests were surrounded by the softest spring blooms of Cherry Blossom, Roseum & Dogwood as they shared their love in heartfelt farewell. x


. . . so you get to spend the day, the way you want, we help pull together your great crowd,  a great bartender & fresh, easy, simple catering selections . . .

7. Luisa Brimble Pasta.jpeg

For one beautiful family homemade pasta was a Sunday ritual & their 'pappardelle alla bolognese'  . . .  'the best' . . . not only did we put it on the menu, we put it on display & made 'in-situ' for everyone to celebrate, honour & share. x


Not forgetting the long queues of happy home cooks . . .  we’ve helped decide on the right dishes, picked up & dropped off sumptuous cakes, (disco balls), trusty sausage rolls & when a daughter asked us on the steps of the church if the oven was on at home, we said, "Yes, all taken care of an hour ago…"!


Love, support & 
look after each other . . .! x